After the holidays I was thinking about writing this post. Then I saw this video this morning:


From National Geographic's site:

First, I should say that ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to photograph mountain gorillas in Africa. Always. Oh my goodness, my Aunt took my cousin and I to meet Jane Goodall when she came to speak in Rockford when we were little. And then the movie Gorillas in the Mist made me cry - I still can't watch it. But that's the side story. The real story is family.

The holidays are nearly behind us and I spent time with lots of family in the past month. For Christmas alone I was with 3 different family units. I was with my own immediate family - a family that includes adopted family members. I was with a friends family that includes a mixed family and anyone else who isn't blood related but important to them. I was with another friend's family and I was happy to see that every immediate family member traveled to get to this one place for both sides of the family - all sleeping under one roof. That's a whole lotta family.

What I've gathered is that whether we're related by blood or by paper or even just by association we're all family. You see, I come from an adopted family so my idea of family has always been extended in my mind. I'm not of blood to half of those that I know as family but they have still accepted me as their own. Even if I may be different in looks and may have different opinions or feelings.

Family to me is not blood; family to me is those that care about you and support who you are.

And by looking at those gorillas above. Do you think they judged that man because he was different? He certainly smelled different. But they felt he was safe. They felt he was OK. Going into a new year remember that just because someone may look different or even smell different, it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't OK or aren't worth of taking a closer look. You may be surprised.

That's the short version of my thoughts, there just may be some more in the future....

A recent tweet from Dalai Lama: If developing qualities like love, compassion, generosity and patience, is to be effective, we must put them into practice in our daily life.