Holiday or....Summer Cards?

Last year was the first year I didn't do holiday cards. Ok, well, I take that back, kind of. The previous year I did July so last Christmas I didn't do them. I wish I had but it's one of those things that falls under, "when I have time." And I never got back around to it. We've moved often in the past few years and I know it's confusing every time I send one that we have a new address. I really hope we're done moving for awhile. So what's the big deal? I don't have kids why can't I get my act together?

One problem I have - and I've had this my entire life but it's becoming more and more apparent to me as I age - is that if I can't do a project in full and if I can't do it how I think it will look best, I get stuck. I actually freeze up. My head just can't grasp around it. Some call it Perfectionism. I call it my life and sometimes it drives me nuts.

So, I always have many projects going and sometimes they're in a stalemate...usually because I've frozen and taken on a task too large for me. (I'm WORKING ON THAT.) So, back to holiday cards. I swore this year we would do them. Today is December 27 and I still haven't. But I promise they will get done! What's holding me up? Well, for one, all of my addresses are all over the place (so that's a project), I have so many people I would want to send to (and that enormity is a project in my head), I'd have to shower and do my hair and think about how I look (ah!), I'll have to gather the dogs and my husband and myself and put that self-timer on the camera to work and then get all of us smiling at the same time..... Then I need to design them (oh my goodness, you'd think I'd make it easier on myself and get a templated card). SOOOOO....that's the deal. They will come. It may be June by the time they arrive but THEY WILL ARRIVE this year!

AND I will promise myself that I will not feel guilty for being behind in my (unrealistic) goal settings. Phew....I feel better already...

Happy Holidays!