So this site is *new* for me. I'm standing in my power as a being on this earth and honoring who I am. I'm also honoring those that have helped me along the way. And I've been meaning to rework my photography site for...oh...2 years now. It always got pushed to the bottom of the pile. And, I guess I was waiting to feel out my "style" a bit more but as an artist you never really feel like you have your style. It changes and molds with your life. Sometimes you have to change around "it". You're just led to certain doors and opportunities and if you choose to go there, you just might be surprised. Hopefully, it's a pleasant surprise. It's been a really interesting past couple of years - lots of *new* and changes and molding and going with the flow... So, my *new* photography website will be up soon. I hope very soon. I just need another binge night of no sleep until 3am and then it'll get done. So it's coming, very soon. And I think you'll love it. :)