Father's Day 2012

To the one who taught me that a farm fresh egg is the very best - driving me to a neighbor's house to gather their eggs. Here are my chickens and my eggs.

To the one who tried so hard to get me to eat that fresh tomato at Grandma's that one time - to which I absolutely refused (you know how I hate to forced to do anything). Here are my tomato plants.

and my strawberries and my peas and my blueberries and my watermelon and my carrots.....


To the one who shared his love of roses. Here are my roses.

To the one who shared the quiet and intuitive way of working with animals and children. My life is filled with them.


To the one who told me that I would find myself in Colorado. You were right.

As your daughters grow and have become adults themselves, they don't forget their childhoods and the love you gave to them.

Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

Love, Molly