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Molly M. Peterson of Heartwork Media, LLC

The life of an artist means remaining in constant evolution - being constantly pulled (or pushed) in one direction or another - sometimes willingly...sometimes not. This life molds you, challenges you to create something - something you hope others enjoy, too, and are willing to compensate you for the joy it brings to their lives.

I am a boutique, lifestyle & editorial-style photographer to tell the story - your story - the rhythms of your heartbeat - what makes your heart smile - the heart...of, well, life. That's my "Heartwork". That's why I'm here on this spinning, twirling planet in the middle of an infinite universe. I think that's why, anyway...

I'm available for commissions in New York, Virginia and Washington D.C but will consider travel to additional destinations for the right project.

My Farm Life Fine Art Images are available as prints or framed.

Workshops and Classes available upon request.

Still here? Okay, cool... (and thanks):

I opened my photography business in high school so that means I've been shooting professionally for just shy of 20 years (!), I earned a degree in photography in beautiful Colorado (but the most I learned came from my mentor Alice Koelle Photography in Aspen and her incredible team), I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Mike, and Mom to a charismatic, joy-filled red-headed toddler, Alden. My husband and I had a farm, too, focusing on regenerative agriculture (find us ~here~) and we named it Heritage Hollow Farms. We recently closed the direct food marketing part of our farm and he started farming at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture. I'm still consulting & supporting farmers with their marketing needs and led the tourism, marketing and fresh branding focus for the 2016 Rappahannock County Farm Tour as it’s Chair.  My photography has won awards, is currently featured in nine books & cookbooks and even graced the stage of Farm Aid in 2016, 2017 and 2018 (dream come true). Most of my photography clients are repeats and that's pretty amazing and humbling.

When you hire me for your photography, you get ME. I am an artist and I feel deeply and I know that a lot of people do, too, but they find it hard to allow those feelings to come out - especially in front of a camera (eek!) but I can tell you this: I can only photograph what you are willing to share and I don't mean your latest fashion find: I mean You. So, please, smile from your heart, release the insecurities you may have, and take a deep breath with me. I, too, have had life struggles and obstacles to overcome - that's part of living - and I bring all of that in to my work.

I believe in honesty, integrity, authenticity, and beauty in the essence of the natural world. So. How about you?

 Me with "Brian", our farm's ram and star of the Bar at Field & Main Restaurant in Marshall, Virginia. We printed him 8x10 feet!  http://www.fieldandmainrestaurant.com/

Me with "Brian", our farm's ram and star of the Bar at Field & Main Restaurant in Marshall, Virginia. We printed him 8x10 feet! http://www.fieldandmainrestaurant.com/

 (Image of Molly & Family by  White Sails Creative)

(Image of Molly & Family by White Sails Creative)

 (Self portrait with my son.)

(Self portrait with my son.)


Why “Heartwork”?

Because Heart Stones have been finding me for years. When we moved to New York Mike asked if we’re moving all of my rocks." Um.... Yes. Of course!" This one was extra special  - that sweet little girl holding it found it during one of our most recent photo sessions and she knew that I have several - in fact, my Facebook cover shot is also of her hand several years ago with the first one we found together. She thought it was because of me but the secret is that this one found her - I just happened to be there to witness it. This sweet girl has been a regular in front of my camera since she was 3 days new. She and her siblings are a piece of my heart and her finding this stone on this day made my own heart soar. This *is* my life’s journey: behind the camera, documenting the essence of life as it unfolds.