Wedding & Event, Family, & Birth Photographer based in New York, Virginia, & Washington D.C.

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Molly M. Peterson - Wedding, Family, & Birth Photographer

I am a boutique, lifestyle & editorial-style photographer here to photograph your story - the rhythms of your heartbeat - what makes your heart smile - the heart...of, well, life. Ultimately, I want my work to be printed and hanging on a wall (or in an album) - for my images to be something you pass by in your hallway and smile at a memory, clutch when your heart aches with sadness, or speak to for reassurance and courage. That's my Heartwork. That's why I'm here on this spinning, twirling planet in the middle of an infinite universe. I think that's why, anyway..

I'm available for travel worldwide and immediate commissions in New York, Virginia and Washington D.C.