Photographer's Style: Documenting Life.

As an artist one is constantly evolving. My life thus far has lead me down paths I never imagined. My images evolve as I evolve. I look for truth and honesty in my subjects. I observe. That is my work. I can't pull anything out of a scene that isn't there but I can capture the beauty that already is. I'm here to document your story and your legacy.

My preferred lighting is natural and posing is not high on the priority list. It is best to invite me to be a part of a normal event in your life and ask me to do what I do best: stand in the background with minimal input and capture the essence of you.

I'm available for image consultations to help you plan your next steps after receiving your images. Albums? Yes! Your story is best presented in an heirloom-quality album to cherish for years to come. Prints? Absolutely! Your images aren't happy simply living on a hard drive or on a social media page: they're made to be shared and enjoyed each time you pass by it on the wall. Those tiny toes, that moment of "I do" or "Will you marry me?", your sweet elder dog resting on the couch, those memories you wish you could hold on to forever as life passes by far too swiftly: print them, love them. And I'm here to help.  A gift for family members, too? Totally.

Think of your investment this way. If you spend, say, $5,000 on your wedding photography (shoot time, albums, prints) and then at your 20th wedding anniversary, or let's even say your 50th wedding anniversary and you're sharing your album or your favorite wedding photo with your grandchildren or great-grandchildren then what do those photos mean to you? If you want to look at it monetarily then it would be about $100/year, sure, but, to me it means so much more than that. I have an enlarged photo of my Great-Grandparents on my wall from their wedding day - that was nearly 88 years ago. They have both since passed on - these two in particular just months apart - my Great Grandmother of a broken heart - a true love story. I get to see them every day in my living room and it brings back my Grandmother's raspy, soft voice and my Grandfather's whistle. 

Far too often these days social media takes hold and priority of our family memories. Don't get me wrong, social media has been an incredible tool to connect with family and friends near and far.....however, technology will change and evolve so then the question is: what stays? 

Don't think of today. Think 10, 20, 50 or more years down the road. Don't shop for the impulse, shop for the long term, the family heirloom. 

By hiring me, you are asking me to be a small part of your life for a moment in time. I'm here to help you write your story.

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Birth Sessions:

Documenting the birth of your child - whether the first or the fifth - is something I can guarantee will be something you cherish forever.

Birth photography allows you and your partner to focus on your child.

That's where I come in. I remain quiet and unobtrusive and capture images from afar. Most mothers do not even realize I'm in the room. I also find that capturing this moment in time gives a woman a visual reminder of just how strong, capable, and beautiful she is.

I am available for home, hospital, and birth center births. Please arrange for a pre-booking meeting prior to your delivery month (recommended 3-4 months in advance) so you are comfortable with me and we can talk about all of the details of your baby's upcoming birth. Birth photography is an investment in the story of the first breaths of life: they are not like typical portrait sessions and, therefore, are priced as such.

I work from my heart so I can assure you that your images will not be made public without your permission. I have not put very many birth images on this site out of respect for this intimate time. I have more images and references available upon request. I am also available for maternity, newborn, & nursing portraits.

With Sincerity,

Molly M. Peterson