Choosing a photographer for our wedding day was perhaps the hardest decision we had to make--we wanted someone who could capture those small, intimate, candid moments that occur throughout a ceremony and reception. Molly is that photographer. She is intuitive, receptive, and kind. She provided gentle guidance during the planning process without ever being overbearing, and was always available to address questions or concerns. The photos from our day are emotive and gorgeous, and we couldn't be happier. Molly was an absolute joy to work with from start to finish and I recommend her wholeheartedly and without hesitation. If you are looking for someone to capture the heart and soul of whatever stage of life you would like to preserve, Molly is your photographer. -C.N., Virginia

Molly is creative, professional and true delight to work with! She has an amazing eye and a great sense of composition and style. Absolutely love working with her and her photos are always stunning! We have worked with Molly for years and she consistently produces outstanding photos. We can literally post hundreds of shots, each one prettier than the next! - Occasions Caterers, Washington, DC

Molly was the photographer at our wedding, and I could not be happier with the results. She captured so many moments; I believe she took over 700 photos that day! She's a great photographer- a pro at giving direction or stepping back and capturing the little things. We feel very fortunate she was able to be a part of our day!  - A.A., Wisconsin

Molly has photographed our farmers market twice. She is wonderful to work with and her photos are amazing. Having these photos has really enhanced our organization's marketing and communications and we will continue to work with Molly. We give her our highest recommendation! -Crossroads Community Market, Takoma Park, MD

Molly entered my life as a photographer...invited into the most intimate and sacred of spaces - the labor and birth of our baby girl - longed and hoped and prayed for, for twelve heartbreaking years. That night, she captured moments in time that the soul only glimpses in the blink of an eye...but she got them, somehow magically and if it was her heart taking the photos instead of her hands on the camera. She is a gift to her clients in every sense of the word and her superior talent as a photographer is only the beginning of what she brings to her work. The photos and compiled photo CD with music she created from our daughter's birth is truly one of my most prized possessions. Molly doesn't just capture the moment in a photo, she feels the moment with you and then creates an image that your heart will never forget. - A.B., Virginia

Attention to detail is incomparable and she is incredibly easy to work with. We love Molly and her work in every way possible. You will fall in love too :) - G,B., Virginia

Molly is the best! I cannot believe how beautifully she captured so many moments of my wedding - she was in so many places at once! She's also that unique combination of incredibly professional (still don't know how we got so many group shots - it was like herding cats) and just really lovely to be around. I love all the pictures of my wedding, from the traditional family portraits (that somehow still manage to look un-staged) to the beautifully candid shots of everyone I love. Call Molly - you won't be disappointed. - B.H., Brooklyn, NY

Molly’s photos appear to hang in time — they are a unique moment of connection, of recognition, between photographer and subject. It is as if they are sharing a secret with each other… and consequently, with the viewer. Molly Peterson’s sensitive camera finds the unique beauty and personality of her subjects, be they human or animal. She captures her subjects both as they are and as they would wish to be seen, in the same photo......Her eye, her skill, her taste, her patience to wait for the right moment, and to connect.... - Pamela Hess, Executive Director, Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture

Molly has an amazing gift – she captures expressions and moments that perfectly sum up certain periods in our lives. We love her work so much, she photographs our kids every month and our whole family looks forward to her photos. Everyone has photos of their kids and animals, but for us, Molly’s are special. Our friends agree and constantly ask us to send the latest Molly photos. We can’t possibly recommend her enough! - T.S/Washington, D.C.

My dogs are exceptionally difficult to photograph, very frightened by the eye of the camera. Molly’s infinite patience led to the finest portraits of greyhounds I have ever seen, despite years of being in this breed. – B.K./Castleton, VA

As we started our family photo shoot, we knew having 3 kids under 6 and 3 dogs was going to be a challenge, but we had full confidence in Molly’s ability to capture our best that day. We are so happy with the results and could not have asked for anything more. The pictures Molly took will be ones we treasure forever. – L.C./Flint Hill, VA

She captured our twins perfectly, not only showing their beauty but each individual personality, wow! -C.J. / Woodville,Virginia

Molly is not just a great photographer – she’s a consummate artist. We’ve used her services for multiple occasions – both for personal and professional photographs – and she always surprises and delights with the perfect combination of professionalism coupled with a discerning, uniquely artistic eye. Thanks to her, we have beautiful and lasting memories of many of our beloved animals and events in our lives. And if you’re not comfortable being photographed, Molly will put you at ease and change that forever! -Carole King, Pawgevity Founder, Marshall, Virginia

Molly photographed the birth of our fourth child. She captured the most difficult and the most joyful moments of that day and I am forever grateful. What a gift she has to capture the moment as it happens. Thank you Molly! – E.H./Culpeper, Virginia

My session with Molly is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.  Each one of my horses (and dog) warmed up to her immediately and they seemed to tell her how they would like to be photographed. What I have as a result is a treasure of photographs through which each horse and dog’s personality comes out, as if they are speaking from the page.  I can’t wait for her to come back.  We all love Molly! – M.R./Bethesda, MD